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“The songs [on ‘NEON DREAMING’] are heavily electronic, with some lovely acoustic and electric guitar work throughout. They’re layered, and feel huge and enveloping, especially on a good pair of headphones…I got completely lost in it. It’s just such a joy to listen to.”
Fuck Yeah Queer Music, music review blog.

‘Need to Know’ Feature Story on OUT.COM
Justin McCraw,

“speaking of good pop, enio is a do-it-yourself electropop jack-of-all-trades. writing, performing, and producing all of his own material.”
The Pop Sucker, music/culture blog.

“Enio rollercoasters through ‘Immolate’ with the tenacity of a 3-year-old with ADHD and the emotional saturation of Saving Private Ryan. The result is a switching, fixating album that you don’t understand but one that you feel involved in and will want to listen again and again. And that, major labels, is why you let the artists do their good work.” 4 out of 5 Rating.
Music Emissions, website

“[Enio’s] latest record Immolate is full of emotional electro-pop songs like today’s song “Knee-Jerk.” The darker song slowly builds to a pop worth moment in the chorus before retreating to the earlier darkness in the verses.
Rohan, The New Gay, queer culture website

“If there are any singer/songwriter/producer/musicians out there with more soul and passion in their voice than Enio then we’ve all been missing a trick. Having spent so much time learning both how to make an album and writing songs to go on it, he seems very into the ‘indie’ ethic of DIY”  8 out of 10 Rating.
Music with an Exc!amation Point, music review blog

“Enio’s album [Immolate] has the passion and intensity so many artists are lacking these days. He uses electronic rock production that is becoming more and more popular, but instead of contributing canned hipster apathetic type lyrics, he chooses to write with emotion and clarity.”  88% Rating.
Come Back To Me, music review blog

“Some of the songs feature live piano, which I love to hear, and it always fits very well within the layers of digital and electronic instrumentation. Musically, this is just a great listen, there’s a lot going on, but never does it feel overwhelming or forced.”
Fuck Yeah Queer Music, Music Review Blog

“The album [Immolate] feels personal.  It has some upbeat tracks and some more relaxed songs, but all feel intimate in some way, even with some really full (digital) sounds”
Maple Mixtape, Canadian Music blog

“The record [Immolate] is 12-tracks of fascinating, multi-layered electronic folk.  Check out…the fluttering blips of “Run Boy”.”
T.O. Snob’s Music, Music Blog

2 responses to “The Press

  1. Nella ⋅

    I have heard Enio’s musical evolution over the years and am both positively surprised and impressed by his latest album, Immolate. I think Enio has found himself in his music on this album. His sound is very different from his early days, which consisted mainly of acoustic guitar or piano and strong vocals, but the power behind his lyrics and their meaning is still there, enhanced by his new, intriguing electronic sound.
    Each song has a unique style and the album can both energize or calm and mellow me out, depending on how I’m listening to it. Chilling songs like Make Do, Under water, and QuietLife provide the perfect calm to temper the tracks that will get your heart-beat going, like Run Boy, Thirteen and Obsequious.
    I think it’s a testament to Enio’s talent as a musician that the album flows so smoothly. He is able to make unique songs flow, highlighting a range of musical styles and sounds while making it the kind of album that you want to listen to cover to cover and then all over again.

  2. Holly Johnstone ⋅

    I’ve been listening to Enio’s new album for a few weeks now and loving it! There are a few songs such as Run Boy and Under Water that are quickly becoming some of the most played on my iPod – each time I listen to them I hear a new bit that I really like. The mix of vocals and the original sound that this album presents is enchanting. I really recommend that those already familiar with Enio’s music as well as those coming across it for the first time give it a listen…and then another and another!

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