The Singles

Around (The Remixes)
1. Around (DJ ERX Tribal Dub Mix)
2. Around (DJ ERX Tribal Dub Redux)
3. Around (DJ ERX Robotique Reconstruction)
4. Around (Original)
5. Around (Live)
Chicago-based DJ ERX approached me about doing some remixes for my tracks, and I love remixes.  Although, at the time my recording technology did not lend itself to isolating different parts of a song, so he used the live version in the remixes.  They’re still pretty cool–and still available on iTunes and CDBaby

Run Boy (Digital Single)
1. Run Boy
2. Dream
3. Secret Track
4. Run Boy (Hectic Jazz Mix)
5. Run Boy (Crusher Mix)
6. Run Boy (Trippy Hectic Mix)
7. Run Boy (Runniing to the Party Mix)
This is the first time I’ve ever really remixed my own tracks, and I had a ball.  I did all the remixes myself this time, although there might be some upcoming remixes of “Run Boy” by DJ ERX and a few local Toronto DJ’s in the future.  This is available exclusively through my WEB STORE.

To Make Do (Digital Single)
1. To Make Do
2. Atrophy
3. Save Me, Caroline
4. To Make Do (So Lonely Mix)
5. To Make Do (Old Record in You Mix)
6. To Make Do (DJ QRY’s Wandering Remix)
7. To Make Do (Not So Lonely Radio Edit)
8. To Make Do (Old Record Got Stuck in My Head Mix)
This one is available on my WEB STORE.  The remixes are really amazing.  I did the Lonely mixes, Calgary-based DJ QRY did his thing on the Wandering remix, and Toronto ambient Duo This is Queer remixed the Old Record mixes. The b-side “Save Me, Caroline” was written for my dear friend Caroline Brooks of the Good Lovelies.  They just won a Juno, which inspired me to record the song for her, and it came out quite well, if I do say so myself.

Knee-Jerk (Digital Single)
1. Knee-Jerk (Single Mix)
2. Say
3. Descending
4. Knee-Jerk (Cooley Remix)
5. Knee-Jerk (The Not That Slow, I Can Read Mix)
6. To Make Do (STS Melt Your Face Mix)
7. Knee-Jerk (12×12 Remix)
8. Knee-Jerk (Beautiful Light Remix)
This one was really fun because I had some awesome help from some really talented and wonderful DJs and Musicians.  I remixed tracks 1, 5, & 8, while Bernard Cooley of Soundscape did the intricate Cooley Remix (track 4), Crayon (aka STS) did a wonderful re-interpretation of ‘To Make Do’ (track 6), and wonderful DJ Young Dave did great job on track 7, the 12×12 remix.  This one is available on my Bandcamp page.

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