The Albums

1. 1:01 a.m. 2. hey, Jesus 3. Church St. 4. Pride 5. Trash
6. big boy now 7. going down 8. To Hot to Sleep Here
9. a mess 10. Mining 11. Small Love Song 12. Enemy
13. Loop 14. If These Things Fade 15. I Love Boy Bands 16. Around
17. Emerald City
Produced by Enio Chiola
Featuring guest vocals and instrumentation by Caroline Brooks and Jay DeNicolais

1. Beautiful Outsife 2. Waiting For You
3. Reel It In, Magdalene 4. Sweet Malena Dear
5. Panic Cloud 6. If It’s Good 7. You Said it Best
8. Try Not to Say 9. Sometimes, We Are All Forgotten
10. Running ’round, Running ’round
11. Dead & Gone 12. Wonderful
Produced by Enio Chiola
A collection of demos and forgotten songs

same tracklisting as YELLOWBRICK (CD1)
1. Dawning/Calling For Blue Skies 2. I Love Boy Bands (Boy Band Remix)
3. Church St. (original recorded version) 4. semi-circles
5. Peace + Bliss 6. it’s not you 7. Trash (original recorded version)
8. Rodrigo 9. Let’s Try This Again
10. You Need a Friend More than a Lover 11. mind 12. Gone
13. passing, waving 14. Around (live)
Shortly after Yellowbrick, I released this 2-disc version with outtakes and b-sides.

OZ – 2005
1. My Favourite Place 2. Let Me Stay With You
3. Maybe 4. Ophelie en Tombee de Nuit 5. Everythin
6. All We Are is Filth 7. Pink Dresses in the Fall
8. You’ve Dug Your Own Grave 9. Yeah, Come On In
10. Trapped & Trying 11. to, Fear (featuring Caroline Brooks)
12. Lonely Nights in Cabbagetown 13. Effigy 14. There’s No Place Like Home
Official follow-up to Yellowbrick. This album saw an edgy side of my music, featuring guests Caroline Brooks, Jay DeNicolais, and Christina Wong

1. Everything 2. All We Are is Filth
3. I’m Losing My Breath 4. Poor Boy
5. Under Water 6. I Deserve
7. hey, Jesus
My very first live ep (and most likely my only). It was recorded as a celebration birthday show.

1. Take me into Outer Space with the Cheapest Equipment You’ve Got
2. I Am Fine 3. I’ve Got a Brand New Apron
4. Our Greatest Solitude 5. I’m Tired of All Your Shallow Preferences
6. We Are Men, Then 7. Carmela Sunday
8. Ambient For Matthew on Sad Days 9. We Sabotage Ourselves
10. Providence 11. Shadows of Women Falling From the Sky
12. Bodied Images 13. The Last Song
This one took a very long time to complete. I worked very closely with poet Bill Merrell on this one. First album featuring my new Piano playing chops, and instrumental tracks.

1. To Make Do 2. Under Water
3. Run Boy 4. Thirteen
5. Knee-Jerk 6. God
7. Be In Vain
8. Light Yourself on Fire
9. Any Time, Any Place
10. Obsequious 11. Poor Boy
12. Quiet Life
My fourth album, and 1st to be recorded with all new equipment and recording technology. A pretty radical departure from my usual style. It’s also the first album I recorded, wrote and produced entirely on my own.

1. Overstayed
2. Say
3. Flowers and Beautiful Songs
4. Bail On You
5. How Far…?
6. Leave Me Alone (Tonight)
7. Little Trees
8. Everything and Nothing
This is the first in a series of releases featuring newly recorded versions of song I wrote when I was  a wee lad.  There are some definite teenager angst in here, so be forewarned.
1. I Have You on My Mind (You’re In There All the Time)
2. By Your Side
3. We Go Together (Like Hats and Scarves)
4. Nothing Closer
5. Each Year
6. To My Dad, Parents, Family
7. The Table
8. Just Like Heaven
9. Today
10. Good to Each Other
11. Hanging Out With Venus
Shortly after I released “Neon Dreaming”, I decided to write and record an album as a wedding gift for my husband.  It was going to be something private, between me and him, and then I decided to branch out and make it a wedding gift for our guests, and then I decided to release it publicly.  It’s probably the most accessible album I’ve ever written.

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