4 responses to “The Discography

  1. Marc ⋅


    The link to your website has been sitting in my mailbox for a couple of days now. I just decided to check things out.

    One word: superincredibleawesomeness!!!

    I don’t know if this will come out or be interpreted in a way not intended but I am very impressed. Where do you find the time?

    You are truly an inspiration to me and have given me faith that one day I will be able to pick up some turntables (I’ve wanted turntables since I was 19 but always found an excuse not to get any) and do something besides academic stuff.



    PS – I can hear how you experience gender through your voice.

    • Enio

      Thanks man!
      You don’t know the lift I get when people tell me they like my stuff! Music has always been a creative outlet that I NEED to partake in every so often or I’ll go crazy thinking about race and gender and all that.

  2. Debra ⋅

    I actually listened to your stuff a few days ago and was blown away like Marc. I told him to listen to Knee-Jerk because it’s my fave :) Your mixes are fantabulous. I honestly had no idea about any of this until you sent it over and I’m really glad I got to listen to (and see) this side of you, it’s awesome :)


    • Enio

      Thanks Deb! Knee-Jerk is one of my favourites too–when I was recording it I couldn’t get that little riff at the beginning out of my head. It’s an old song too, I wrote it about 5 years ago.

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