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Getting Negative Criticism part II

After the last post, and the numerous positive responses I’ve received after I posted it, I feet its necessary to write another in order to expand my thoughts on the matter. First off, thank you to you guys who were compelled to reply with kind, supportive words, it is very much appreciated. The antithesis of negative criticism isn’t positive feedback, but gestures of support from your friends, family and community.

Negative criticism is inevitable. When you’re producing music, and you want very much to share it with other people, you really need to seek out avenues that expose you to receiving negative criticism. If you don’t, then ultimately you’re only sharing it privately with a select few. I don’t create art to receive feedback. It’s an unintended consequence to share your music with others and hear what they think about it, whether it is good or bad. Kind words of support, and positive reviews, are really nice, but the creation of art is not to hear those words.

I’m a talker. I like to talk and discuss and pontificate on a number of elements and theories that relate to media, especially music. When I encourage feedback, it’s not done because I want to hear a round of congratulations, but rather to discuss something I created–whether it was good or bad, sad or happy, if it needs improvement or is perfect. No one who has created something to share with the world, no matter what they might say, wishes to never talk about it ever again, after it’s released. People like to talk about what they are passionate about, and I’m passionate about music. Art is selfish, but it’s also inclusive and generous. It invites discussion, it is created to be shared. And so, I don’t want my previous post about feeling blue after receiving negative criticism to be read as a surrender to it.

I ended that post on a rather negative note, when I should have ended it is like this: All the bad things people say and write about my music, all the scathing remarks, and off-the-cuff insults, it all fades. It hurts, it bleeds, it smarts, but when the sting of it subsides and disintegrates, I’m rejuvenated, and all the better for it. I’m a big forgetter, once I’m over something, I’m over it. I might consider the feedback I’ve received in order to challenge my limitations, and keep growing as an artist, but I will never let the criticisms silence me. As I sang in my song years ago “I think I’ll stay, so get used to hearing this voice around.”

2 responses to “Getting Negative Criticism part II

  1. I love your music. I am unsure of the negative critisism u have received but take it with a grain of salt. Who cares what others think. Keep on trucking!

  2. Enio

    Thanks Donnie! I will keep on trucking. Where’s that remix btw? hehehe.

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